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On this page - Fullscreen Feature February 1 2008. Brittany Cafes, and tavernes by Stephane Mahe. Panoramiques Virtuelle 360
Brittany (Bretagne) on the Atlantic coast of western France is with it's dramatic coastal landscapes, its special culture and Celtic influence, an area I always wanted to visit.

Viewing Stephane Mahe's panoramas from the region made me even more interested in visiting Brittany. Stephane has been doing spherical panoramas for 3 years. He is particularly interested in the panoramic photo reportage and tourism-related "unusual". For the latter, he tries to work by themes such as pubs, cafes and taverns.

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Cargo Sentimental

Bistro in Locmiquélic with a view to the harbour Very original interior

This is the place where artists and just anyone meets.


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Cafe Lou du Lac

Located on the ground floor ofthe remains of a castle, held by the owner herself.

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avern er Vretoned

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The Alchemist

Saint Malo

Website:The Alchemist

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