Carl Bloch Paintings
Nov 6 2010

The Brigham Young University's Museum of Art in Utah US opens on November 12 an exhibition with paintings by the 19th century Danish painter Carl Heinrich Bloch. The exhibition will run until May 7

Carl Bloch became famous as religous painter after he was commisioned to paint 23 new paintings from the bible in the Kings Oratory (Kongens Bedekammer) at Frederiksborg Castle. The original paintings had been destroyed in the big fire in1859 which destroyed large areas of the castle.

I was commissioned by the Brigham Young museum to photograph panoramas from all the Danish and Swedish churches where Carl Bloch's altar paintings are found.

Some of these original paintings have been lend to the exhibition in US.

However the most important panorama was the panorama from the Kings Oratory. These paintings are his main religous work which his church altar paintings are based on.

The problem with this small room was that it also contained a large silver altar and a glass fence which blocked the view for several of the paintings.

As these could not be removed I suggested that I would do it in Photoshop a work which turned out to be one of my most demanding panoramas.

As the room did not have any electricity nearby and was very dark I decided to use light painting with 2 Led lights from Fotodiox to lit up.

Another difficulty was that many of the paintings reflected the light from the only window in the room and I had to cover this window while taking this parts of the panorama. The contrast in brightness was extreme as the light from this window could not be reflected by the dark walls and ceiling in the room.

The main panorama was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 15mm fisheye taking 6 images around and one for the zenith. I used one fixed LED light which I moved for each shot and one in my hand moving it around during the exposures . Each shot was autobracketed with 3 exposures 1- 4 -15 seconds. Aperture F11 and ISO 320.
To get a higher dynamic range this exposutes where Enfused with EnfuseGui

After the basic panorama had been shot extra images was made from different positions to get the area behind the altar and to make separate images of many of the paintings where reflexes could not be avoided from the panorama position.

After 2 hours I was finished just in time for the tourists to invade the room.

While the basic panorama was stitched with PTGui in less than 30 minutes, the Photoshop manipulation to remove the altar and make all paintings presentable took 2 days to complete.


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