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The photographer Jann Lipka has sold the publishing rights to tha German news magazine Der Spiegel..

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Wikileaks Servers are Moved To Cold-War Nuclear Proof Bunker in Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm, Aug 30, 2010

The Internet Whistle-blower organization Wikileak has moved their data to a server in an undergound bomb proof bunker owned by the Swedish broad band provider Bahnhof.

30 meters below ground in the rocks the "Pionen White Mountains" servers are secured and protected from almost any danger.

Wikileads has since 2007 been using servers in Sweden.

The current move to the secured Bahnhof servers is probably a result of the last month controversy around the release of thousands of secret documents about the Afghanistan war.

Bahnhof is Swedens oldest and largest internet provider.

They provided in 1994 the first commercial internet connections in Sweden.


Forbes - Wikileads Server Moved

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