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Canon - Nikon lens adapter

The Nikkor 10.5 mm fisheye can be used on a Canon using an adapter

This panorama was made with the 10,5mm mounted on a Canon 20D.

The full resolution image is 5000x10000 pixels.

To see a QTVR in fullscreen click on the image.

It is made from a 7000 pixels image.

The adapter used was from DVD teknik in Kiev.

The price is only $45 + about $5 for freight.

It arrived only 4 days after I ordered it.

The big problem using the Nikkor on Canon is that it has no aperture ring. You have to fix the aperture lever by using something like a hard cardboard or plastic piece.

It works fine but of course it is difficult to change it.

This one gives me about f9

For panoramas this is fine, exposure measuring works fine both at manual and automatic.

This is the way I currently use for setting the aperture.

The advantage is that you get continous apertures from f2,8 to 22.

The only disadvantage is that it will be changed by focusing.

To me this is no problem as I always have the focus fixed at the same setting (se below) and taped with a large peace of duck tape.

I believe you can see how it is made by looking at the 2 images.

Most people will have som old cable stuff floating around which can be used.

This is another way.

The cleaning pins you se to the right are available everywhere I believe.

It is a thin plastic pipe with cotton at the endings.

Just cut a short peace abourt 8 mm.

Put it into place as below.

I discovered that you could push it to an angle that supports the aperture lever in position at full opening.

And back again to f8. I have done it now at least 50 times and it still works.

You can always make a new one. They are cheap.

Focusing has a problem. To mount the lens with exactly the right distance to the sensor it has to be very accurate.

This adapter is perhaps not. If you turn it all the way to the end your images will be very blurry.

The Nikkor focus scale is also very small and difficult to set accurate.

The focus has to be set at the other side of the infinity mark.

I fixed the focus with tape as you get enough depth of field for almost all subjects when you use f9.

Only if you have subjects in the forground closer than 50 cm you may need to adjust it.

Even at f2,8 you have a depth of field from around 100cm to infinity

Actually the problem that lenses focus beyond infinity is not only for adapters.
See this page.

Almost ALL modern lenses focuses beyond infinity if you turn it all the way and this will give you blurry images with some lenses

As you can see the Nikon does not have a DISTINCT infinity marc and as other people has noticed turning it all the way will not make proper focus. Sigma lenses always has a proper infinity mark even if you can focus beyond

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