The featured panoramas at are interactive 360 degree panoramas. The links to them open in a fullscreen window.
To navigate the panorama click in window and drag in any direction. is hosted by: VRWAY
Full Screen 360 degree Virtual Panoramas - weekly feature presented by Hans Nyberg -

PANORAMAS.DK IS NOW UPGRADED FOR FLASH 10 has now for some time used flash as the only viewer for the featured panoramas.

The viewer is FPP Flash Panorama Viewer by Denis V. Chumakov

Even if I have optimized the quality parameters for best image quality there are still problems in flash 9 which can not be solved
if you also want the panning to be smooth.

With the introduction of Flash 10 these problems are now solved.

What you see in flash 9 are wavy straight lines in the extreme corners of the panoramas.
These appears especially if you zoom out all the way.

When you update your Adobe Flash Plugin to Flash 10 you will see a complete elimination of these problems.
You will aslo see a better quality of the whole image during panning.

Below are screen shots from 3 panoramas showing the difference.

Update your flash and enjoy the panoramas.


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