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Cyprus Church. The church is from a town west of Larnaca called Aradhippou

Cubic Panorama by Juhani Laiho Finland -

Cyprus has as one of the first places that was converted to Christianity a large number of churches of historic value and many of them are protected by UNESCO and included in THE WORLD HERITAGE LIST
Many of them are world famous for their wall and roof paintings.

Unfortunately the Turkish occupation of the northern part is a threat against this protection. Many cultural values have been destroyed, or stolen. Illegal export of Icons and frescoes empties the churches. An article in BBC news january 2002, calls it "one of the most systematic examples of the looting of art since World War II."
Juhani Laiho is a photographer from Finland who have been documenting many of the churches with cubic QTVR panoramas The Full Screen Panorama of the week is only 1 mb large and is an exceptional example of how valuable cubic QTVR is in documentation of places and buildings like this.

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QTVR Photo © 2004 Juhani Laiho