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Krizna Jama by Bostjan Burger

Krizna jama is one of the most beautiful carst caves in the world. Situated in Slovenia about 50 km south of Ljubljana this cave was discovered in 1832 by Ferdinand von Hochstetter, a member of the Vienna Academy of Science. Hochstetter however did not enter as far into the cave as you will do in Bostjan Burgers panorama. You are 1,6 km into the cave in a large chamber called the Kalvarija = The most beautiful place on earth.

You can also see the whole virtual tour of the cave with a map and both Java and QTVR panoramas.

Also view the ne Krizna Jama week 5 2003

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QTVR Photo © 2004 Bostjan Burger

Bostjan Burger has been doing virtual reality panoramas since 1996. He has one of the largest panorama sites of the world with more than 2000 panoramas available as Java panoramas at his site Slovenian Landmarks.

The site is not just a panoramasite. You will find lots of images and text about places all over Slovenia. Also read an interview with Bostjan and his projects.