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Danish Half Nature - Overdrevet - Grasslands in Denmark

The nature of Denmark is not found by driving the highways. Often you find a landscape completely different just turning a few miles ahead from it. The Panorama of the week was made one of the first days of May at Læsten a small village south of the highway from Randers to Viborg. The area is a landscape formed by the last ice age 14-15.000 years ago.

However it has also been created by man during the last centuries. The name of this type of cultural formed landscape is in Denmark "overdrevet".

Overdrevet is the Danish name for the grasslands where the farms kept their cattle during summer. Today the farming is different and the cattle are often kept indoors or on other areas.

The result is that this culture formed landscape disappears many places. However at many places in Denmark these areas are protected as nature reserves, and cattle, sheep or horses are held on the areas to keep this nature, which has been formed through centuries. The flora on these areas are often very rich and different from other surrounding areas, as fast growing herbs and grasses are not allowed to take over.

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Økotips 5 - ud på overdrevet
WWF Verdensnaturfonden - Levende Natur - Juni

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