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Sankt Hans - Midsummer Bonfire at Knebel Djursland Denmark

Sankt Hans is hold the 23st of june with Bonfires all over Denmark. The tradition with Midsummer Fires is a very old tradition, more than 500 years old. It has been common over most of Europe and can even be found in North Africa among moslems.
In many countries it is not in use any more but Denmark celebrates it with a fire in every little town and village. In Denmark a speech is hold at the fire usually by a well known person of the local community. Another tradition in Denmark is to sing Danish songs at the fire. The song which "has" to be sung is the Midsummer song by Drachmann who is one of the most wellknown 19th century poets in Denmark.

The midsummer song was written in 1885. Listen to the song in Danish.

The panorama was made yeasterday, 23 of June 2002 at Thorup Bay a small place in Djursland Denmark.

Midsummer Night in Denmark

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