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View from the Sagrat Cor - Sacred Heart Church at Tibidabo Barcelona Spain

The Tibidabo area situated half up on a mountain in the north part of Barcelona, is a very popular attraction with an amusementpark built in 1899 and several museums.
To go there you have to take the Tibidabo funicular which in it self is a museum being the oldest of its kind in Spain.

The church is an enormous temple which can be seen from almost anywhere in Barcelona.
Even if it looks like a gothic cathedral it is not. It is only 40 years old. The building was started in 1902 by Enric Sagnier and the work was not finished until 1961. Actually it is 2 churches one on top of the other. On the first panorama you are standing on top of the first.

Click at the link below the panorama to go to the top 548 m above sea and see the second panorama.

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