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Budapest National Theatre and the Lágymányos bridge across the Danube (Donau)

In these days the flooding of the European rivers Danube and Elbe has caused large damages in both Germany and in the Czech capital of Prague.

Budapest the capital of Hungary which is situated at the Danube river has also been struck by high water but because they built higher quay piers and better regulation of the river they have not had any damages yet. The Lágymányos bridge built in 1995 is the last of 9 bridges across the Danube and was built as a part of these regulations

The panorama is made from the bridge and you get a fine view of the new National Theatre inaugurated 15th March 2002.

You can also see a second closer view of the theatre.

The panoramas where made during the visits of BELGIUM’S King Albert II the last week of June 2002 and that is the reason for the large illumination of the theatre


Nemzeti Színház-National Theatre

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