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Blowing the Lur in the Thingbæk limestone caves by Hans Nyberg the creator of this site.

Thingbæk limestone cave is situated in Northern Jutland in Denmark. A few miles south of Aalborg close to Rebild.

The mine is today used as a museum for the sculptures by the artist Anders Bundgaard.

At special occasions, like the 4th of July celebrations at Rebild close by, the caves are illuminated by 3000 candles.
A couple of musicians also use to play concerts on trumpet and the ancient instrument "Lur"

The Lur is a 3500 old instrument which has been found in peat bogs or marshland in Denmark and the countries around. 56 has been found, 35 of them in Denmark.

The panorama was made only with the illumination from the candles


The Lurs
Thingbæk Kalkminer -Thingbæk Limestone Caves

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