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Robotic artist Clayton Bailey in his Studio

by James Spadaccini -
Ideum is a San Francisco based company specializing in media services to museums, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations.
Quicktime VR has been used in several of their projects like the Lab VR, the Zeum, the Questacon and the Robotics a project for the The Tech Museum of Innovation at San Jose which includes the panorama of Clayton Baileys Studio

The QTVR this week is the largest I have presented until now. 15232 pixels wide - 88.4 mb uncompressed
2.2 mb compressed. Please close all applications but your browser as you will need all your memory.
I like to hear your experience with this size . Please report to me.

If you do not have a broadband connection you will need some time to download it. So start it now and read about Clayton Bailey below while it downloads. You can also visit his website. I can asure you, you will have a lot of fun there.

The artist Clayton Bailey lives in Port Costa, California, USA. Formerly professor of art at Wisconsin State University, and now professor emeritus of ceramics at California State University.

His work has been shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the San Francisco Art Institute, and a lot of Galleries across USA.

And Bill Gates has a Clayton Bailey robot. Have to ask him about Steve Jobs.

He has become known as the Robotics sculptor and has since 1976 built over 100 life-sized robot sculptures all made from found objects. Among them is the Marilyn Monrobot , which I believe you will see in the panorama, (or perhaps it is her sister) The sculpture made a scandal in 1997 and was thrown out of the exhibition when it was exhibited in a show at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. The event was reported in newspapers ranging from the National Enquirer to the Los Angeles Times.
According to Los Angeles Times art critic William Wilson, the statue was "estimably tasteless," however other critics found her to be humorous and sensual.
Clayton Bailey calls her "the world's most beautiful female robot.

Clayton also makes many other curious or provokative things. Like the COIN OPERATED ELECTRIC CHAIR the URN FOR THE UNCONCEIVED or the GUNS FOR URBAN SHOOTING
All of his work has a sense of humor but behind the humor there is someting serious to think about.

Check his StudioCam and see what he is up to today.

Enjoy the panorama with Clayton in his studio, there are thousands of things to explore.

Links: Clayton Baileys Website.

"Robot Art" at the Technical Museum in San Jose California
with the QTVR made by Ideum

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website: Ideum