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Cordoba Mosque

The Virtual Tour of the Mosque has 3 nodes. Look for the links above the panorama.
1.The Mihrab 900 kb
2.The Arc Hall 846 kb
3. The Cathedral 900 kb.

Óscar Adán is the manager of Énoe a company working within the University of Barcelona. I give the words to him and let him tell about the Mosque and the project behind the panoramas.

By Óscar Adán:
The historic Mosque of Cordoba is the first and foremost monument in Western Islam, and one of the most sublime of its type in the world. The building today is an expansion of the mosque built by Abd al-Rahman I (756-788). This section, which took seven years to build, consists of eleven naves.

The arches wood panorama belongs to Almanzor’s enlargement. Due to the superposition of two bodies of arches, the nave is almost 10 metres high. The arch stones are made of alternate red bricks and white limestone, which provide the naves with their peculiar appearance. In year 994 Almanzor finalise the big mosque, becoming the biggest one of the Islam, with a capacity for twenty-five thousand people.

The Mihrab is always the richest space in the Mosque. It was the place for the Caliph's prayer, and it protected him from any unseen danger, especially since many of the first Caliphs were murdered from the back while they were praying.

In 1523 it was ordered to build the new Cathedral in the very middle of the Mosque. The Emperor's orders had to overcome a certain amount of resistance by the people of Córdoba. It is said that the Emperor Charles cried when, in a visit to Córdoba, he was aware of the damage the new Cathedral had done to the beauty of the Mosque.

I shot these panoramas in April 2002 for a project to promote the Sephardic Heritage in the Spanish Cities in the World Wide Web. Their official website is It includes 16 virtual tours for 16 historic jewish quarters in Spain (over 500 panoramas).

Red de Juderías de España/Network of Spanish Jewish Sites
Unesco’s World Heritage Cities in Spain: Córdoba
Organization of World Heritage Cities: Córdoba
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