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FullScreenQTVR weekly feature presented by Hans Nyberg


2002 10-19 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreenQTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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Week 10

Panorama by Hans Nyberg Creator of Read the interview with Hans Nyberg in VRMAG The Virtual Magazine

Aarhus Festival Denmark
File Size 1.5 mb

Aarhus Festival is the largest multi cultural festival in Scandinavia. Held every year, the first week in Sept.

Performances from international, Danish and local artists in addition to arrangements of all kinds of cultural events.
This panorama was made at the festival in 2002 and it is from a performance theatre made by a local school, the Sabroe Seminarium.

The place is the most popular place in Aarhus "Vadestedet" along the river floating through Aarhus. This place is crowdy every hot day in the summer.

VR Aarhus QucktimeVR from the largest Big City in the World

Aarhus Festival official website

Week 11
Matthew Flinders Circumnavigation
File Size 608 kb

Cubic Panorama by Peter Murphy. File Size 608 kb
This week the Australian Photographer Peter Murphy is inviting you aboard the Windewarde Bound, a 12-sail, 33-metre brigantine which on the 7 th of march started a journey around Australia to celebrate the explorer Matthew Flinders journey 200 years ago.
View more panoramas from this event by Peter Murphy
You can also visit the website of Windewarde Bound.

Week 12 Cyprus Church
File Size 1012 kb

Cubic Panorama by Juhani Laiho Finland -

Cyprus has as one of the first places that was converted to Christianity a large number of churches of historic value and many of them are protected by UNESCO and included in THE WORLD HERITAGE LIST
Many of them are world famous for their wall and roof paintings.

Unfortunately the Turkish occupation of the northern part is a threat against this protection. Many cultural values have been destroyed, or stolen. Illegal export of Icons and frescoes empties the churches. An article in BBC news january 2002, calls it "one of the most systematic examples of the looting of art since World War II."
Juhani Laiho is a photographer from Finland who have been documenting many of the churches with cubic QTVR panoramas The Full Screen Panorama of the week is only 1 mb large and is an exceptional example of how valuable cubic QTVR is in documentation of places and buildings like this.

The church is from a town west of Larnaca called Aradhippou

Week 13 Monte Tamaro by Claudio Bader
File Size 650 kb

13 B The second panorama 13 B is a cubic panorama.

The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli was built in 1992-96 at the top of monte Tamaro (a ski and sport resort) located in the southern part of Switzerland (Ticino). As you can see in the panorama it is the end station of a cableway that takes you up to 1600 m altitude.

The famous Architect Mario Botta was commisioned by the owner of the cableway, to build the church in memory of his dead wife.
An amazing place of peace and meditation, attracting a large number of visitors.

Claudio Bader founder and photographer of NEOViSiONi has been doing QTVR's for the last 3 years working with web portals, advertising agencies, private clients.and on experimental projects.

Week 14 The Salm Ruine
File Size 1300 kb

by Jean-François
The Salm Ruine are the remains of a castle in the north east area of France. The history of the castle is not fully known, most sources awards it to Henri II de Salm (1174-1189) which has given it the name. Historical data are found at these sites: History1, History2

The castle is located at 908 meters of altitude, and you have a magnificent view over the lake and the village of Pierre Percée.

Lac de Pierre Percée is an artificial lake Produced by EDF (French electricity board)

You can see more Full Screen Panoramas from this area and from the city of Nancy
at SphericWorld the website of Jean-Françoi

Week 15 Monte Perdido by Ignacio Ferrando
File Size 1400 kb

This dramatic mountain landscape, is from the Pyrenees on the national borders of France and Spain. Monte Perdido is the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees and rises 3,352 metres. It is a giant limestone mass with dramatic rock features, which rises above the valley of Ordesa, by many considered to be the most beautiful valley in the Pyrenees.

Ignacio Ferandoo made this pano on March 24 2002 from a place called Cuello gordo at 2200 m. You can look down into the Ordesa valley.
Links: Map of the area
in English:
Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park
Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees
in Spanish:
Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido.
Parque Nacional Ordesa y Monte Perdido. Recur...

About the Photographer: Ignacio Ferrando is a photographer from Zaragoza where he has a multimedia company Abaco Digital. He has been doing QTVR from the begining of the technology in 1996.

Week 16 Krizna Jama by Bostjan Burger
Krizna jama is one of the most beautiful carst caves in the world. Situated in Slovenia about 50 km south of Ljubljana this cave was discovered in 1832 by Ferdinand von Hochstetter, a member of the Vienna Academy of Science. Hochstetter however did not enter as far into the cave as you will do in Bostjan Burgers panorama. You are 1,6 km into the cave in a large chamber called the Kalvarija = The most beautiful place on earth.

You can also see the whole virtual tour of the cave with a map and both Java and QTVR panoramas.

Bostjan Burger has been doing virtual reality panoramas since 1996. He has one of the largest panorama sites of the world with more than 2000 panoramas available as Java panoramas at his site Slovenian Landmarks.

The site is not just a panoramasite. You will find lots of images and text about places all over Slovenia. Also read an interview with Bostjan and his projects.

I am also proud to say that inspired by my Full Screen panoramas Bostjan has started converting his panoramas to Large QTVR, for presentation in full screen. Se his page with Full Screen QTVR

Week 17 Tribute in Light by Jook Leung

The 11th september 2001 will stay in my memory forever like it will for millions of people all around the world. To honor the citizens who lost their lifes in the World Trade Center attacks, a 6 month anniversary was held with a "Tribute in Light" memorial from March 11th to April 13th. From dusk until 11 p.m. each night two beams of light rose into the sky from a site near Ground Zero.
Jook Leung is a former New York photographer now with a studio in New Jersey, USA made this very impressive QuickTime Cubic VR panorama of the event on its last day. Panoramic VR photography is only one of one of his specialities.

He has 20 years of professional experience and has done a lot of photo-illustration photography for magazines like Popular Photography, Mac User and many others.
Jook Leung Photography Homepage
360VR Studio - Interactive Panoramic Virtual Tour Photographer Producer
Do not miss his special Table top Panoramas where you can say Cheers to him.Table Top Spherical VR Gallery • 360VR Studio
WTC Twin Towers Tribute by 360VR Studio
Tribute in Light - Twin towers of light beam from Ground Zero

Week 18
At the foot of Mount Whitney-Sierra Nevada by Donald Bain

This week I am proud to present a panorama by Donald Bain from Virtual Guidebooks one of the largest panoramasites on the web. Read more about Virtual Guidebooks in the Feature site for Februar.I let Donald himself tell about the panorama:

The Sierra Nevada mountains of California rise slowly from the west, mantled with forest and dotted with lakes. But on the eastern side they drop away abruptly, enormous cliffs facing the desert of Owens Valley. This eastern escarpment is a massive wall of granite rising as much as 10,000 feet above the valley floor. This picture was taken on a stormy spring day, right at the eastern base of the range.
Elevation here is about 6500 feet above sea level, the valley below is at 3700, and the mountains to the west rise to over 14,000 feet. The temperature that day was just above freezing, and roving thunderstorms were dropping rain and snow on the mountains and over the valley. The vegetation here is characteristic of the high desert, with sagebrush and pinyon pines, both highly aromatic.

Links: Virtual Guidebook to Owens Valley

Week 19 Manchester Cathedral by Michael Auty

Michael Auty who is senior designer at Mindwave Media in York made this beautiful Cubic QTVR for the Manchester City Council Information Centre.

A full Vitual tour is available at Manchester Cathedral Virtual Tour by MindWave

The Manchester Cathedral is known for both it´s ancient treasures like the mediaeval misericords in the Quire, which by some is recognized as the finest in Europe, to the modern twentieth-century stained glass by Anthony Hollaway.

Links: Manchester Online - Tourist Guide to the Cathedral

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