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Full Screen QTVR weekly feature presented by Hans Nyberg


2002 20-31 presents some of the worlds best VR Photographers in a weekly fullscreen QTVR feature.

The fullscreen archive contains more than 150 fullscreens published since februar 2002.
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Japan once had 30 - 40 thousand castles, most of them built in medieval time. Today only 12 original castle buildings (tenshu) remain.
The castles tell the history of Japan and the Osaka castle is in this history a very important milestone.
It was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598) a man born by a peasent who became the ruler who finally after many years of fights unified Japan.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi built the Osaka Castle in 1582, however the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt several times after. The Main Tower you can see on the Panorama was reconstructed from 1928 to 31 financed by contribution from the citizens of Osaka. Again after Word War II the Tower had to be renovated as late as 1995 -97. Today the Main Tower is a modern historic museum.The photographer Shiraki Shigeru is the creator of The japanese Castle Trek a beautiful Website both in Japanese and English with panoramas, historical data and links about the Japanese castles. Most of the links are to Japanese sites but below I collected some in English about Osaka and the Japanese Castles.
The Castles of Japan | Osaka Castle Main Page | Osaka Tourist Guide
JapanNationalTouristOrganisation Osaka

Week 21
Danish Half Nature - Overdrevet - Grasslands in Denmark
1000 kb

by Hans Nyberg

The nature of Denmark is not found by driving the highways. Often you find a landscape completely different just turning a few miles ahead from it. The Panorama of the week was made one of the first days of May at Læsten a small village south of the highway from Randers to Viborg. The area is a landscape formed by the last ice age 14-15.000 years ago.

However it has also been created by man during the last centuries. The name of this type of cultural formed landscape is in Denmark "overdrevet".

Overdrevet is the Danish name for the grasslands where the farms kept their cattle during summer. Today the farming is different and the cattle are often kept indoors or on other areas.

The result is that this culture formed landscape disappears many places. However at many places in Denmark these areas are protected as nature reserves, and cattle, sheep or horses are held on the areas to keep this nature, which has been formed through centuries. The flora on these areas are often very rich and different from other surrounding areas, as fast growing herbs and grasses are not allowed to take over.

Photographer: Hans Nyberg the creator of
Virtual Denmark and VR Aarhus.

Links: Unfortunately I can only find links in Danish about this areas.
Økotips 5 - ud på overdrevet
WWF Verdensnaturfonden - Levende Natur - Juni

Week 22
Golden Gate from Lands End San Francisco
by Charles Evans

Lands End is a point in the western area of San Francisco where you have a magnificent view of the Golden Gate and Golden Gate Bridge. The area is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. You can also find more information at San Francisco Neighborhoods: The Outer Richmond.

The panorama was made in june 2001 by Charles Evans from Digitalpanos.

At his Web site you can find more panoramas from the area of San Francisco and from several other locations like Seattle, Eugene, Sonoma, Las Vegas.
Also a large number from the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

All his panoramas can be viewed in Full Screen.

Week 23 View from the roof of the Taj Mahal Mausoleum
by William Donelsen - Armchair Travel
The pyramides of Giza, the Great wall of China and the Taj Mahal in India are some of the greatest buildings of the world.
I had the great opportunity to climb the Cheops pyramid back in 1962. If QuickTime VR had been invented I would probably have made one from the top.

To climb the Cheops pyramid is not alowed any more and if you visit Taj Mahal you will not be able to see the view you are invited to see here in a Full Screen panorama from Armchair travel.

Enjoy the view and visit the Taj Mahal site to see more.

Week 24
Basilique du Sacré Coeur and 24 B Place du Tertre
by Antonio Moya
When visiting Paris the Basilika of Sacré Coeur is a must to see. Situated on the hills of Montmatre overviewing Paris the view from it, is perhaps just as impressing as the inside.

The outside reminds you very much of the Taj Mahal and perhaps it was inspired by it as it was built 250 years after Taj Mahal.

From the Basilika take a short walk to Place du Tertre the place in the heart of Montmatre which is normally filled with artists trying to sell you their pictures. In the panorama by Antonio Moya the place is empty. It´s early in the morning and at Le Sabot Rouge only a single customer is having his morning café au lait. The tables at the square are empty, the waiter is preparing the tables and the artists has not arrived yet.

This impressive atmosphere was caught by Antonio Moya a French photographer from Strasbourg who you can read more about in my first feature page.

Paris Pages; Basilique du Sacre Coeur


Week 25 Peterman Island Antarctica by Jan van der Woning

Most people think of Antarctica as a landscape of ice and snow but not all of it is covered with ice. The Antarctic area also includes islands like the Peterman Island where the panorama by Jan van der Woning was made . This Island situated in the west area of Antarctis is an important breeding ground for Adelie penguins, Blue eyed shags and other birds.

In the panorama you can see the Blue eyed shags sitting on the edge of the rocks.

Read more about the Blue eyed shags.

The panorama was made at an expedition in december 2000.
Jan van der Woning is a photographer and multimedia designer from Amsterdam Nederland.

You can see more panoramas from the expedition at his website.

Week 26
Sankt Hans - Midsummer Bonfire at Knebel Djursland Denmark by Hans Nyberg

Sankt Hans is hold the 23st of june with Bonfires all over Denmark. The tradition with Midsummer Fires is a very old tradition, more than 500 years old. It has been common over most of Europe and can even be found in North Africa among moslems.
In many countries it is not in use any more but Denmark celebrates it with a fire in every little town and village. In Denmark a speech is hold at the fire usually by a well known person of the local community. Another tradition in Denmark is to sing Danish songs at the fire. The song which "has" to be sung is the Midsummer song by Drachmann who is one of the most wellknown 19th century poets in Denmark.

The midsummer song was written in 1885. Listen to the song in Danish.

The panorama was made yeasterday, 23 of June 2002 at Thorup Bay a small place in Djursland Denmark.

Midsummer Night in Denmark

Week 27-28
Independence Day Fourth of July at Rebild Bakker in Denmark by Hans Nyberg
1.3 mb

Monday I complained about the lack of any panoramas from 4th of July celebrations in USA.

I decided to make one myself from our own 4th of July in Denmark.

Yes we do celebrate the Independence Day in Denmark.
Actually this year we had a 90 year anniversary of the celebrations at Rebild Bakker which is situated in the north of Jutland.

The celebrations at Rebild is the largest outside USA.
The founder was a Danish-American Max Henius who emigrated to USA in 1881 and settled in Chicago. He never forgot Denmark and he donated the Hills at Rebild to be used as a place for Danish American relations.

During this 90 years the celebrations have been attended by many known Americans including former presidents.
Raymon Burr, Richard Nixon, Hubert H Humphrey, Danny Kaye, Walther Cronkite, Victor Borge, Walter Shirra, Walt Disney are a few of the keynote speakers from the last 40 years.

Today10-15.000 people where gathered to celebrate the day together with Margrethe II - Queen of Denmark, Prince Henrik, the Primeminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Mr R. Michael Mondavi from California who was the american main speaker and many other representants from USA and Denmark.

A special guest was firefighter Joe McKay from New York. Click for an image of the Queen of Denmark with Joe McKay in the front talking to the compére.

Unfortunately the weather was not with us this year. At the middle of the celebrations heavy rain made many people leave the place before the celebrations was over.

Hans Nyberg

President Bush's Rebild Message

Ambassador Stuart Bernstein's Remarks at Rebild

Rebild Celebrations from Aalborg Tourist
All the keynote speakers from 1928 to 2002

Week 29-30
Olympic Rain Forest, Queets River, Olympic National Park, Washington

by Donald Bain

This weeks Full Screen photographer is Donald Bain from VirtualGuidebooks.
Virtual Guidebooks is one of the largest panoramasites on the internet with more than 2.100 panoramas online.
He also made the Full Screen of week 18 from Sierra Nevada.

I let Don himself tell about this weeks panorama.

On the west coast of North America there is a narrow strip of land on the seaward slope of the coast ranges that is considered to be a temperate rain forest. Many of the largest trees in the world grow here, from the famous redwoods of northern California, to the Douglas fir and Sitka spruce forests of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. This view was taken on the Queets River in Olympic National Park, Washington. Annual rainfall here totals about 140 inches (355 cm).
The rain forest is multi-layered. The ground is covered with oxalis and ginger, between clumps of sword fern. A low canopy of vine maple, thickly hung with club moss, arches over at about twenty feet (6 m). Above this soar bigleaf maples and red alders, up to a hundred feet (30 m) tall. The tallest trees are Sitka spruce and western hemlock. The huge Sitka spruce tree seen here measured about eight feet (2.5m) in diameter - above the basal swelling. The largest spruce in the world, just a few miles away, has been measured as 15 feet (4.5 m) in diameter and 248 feet (75.5 m) tall.

Week 31 Dalai Lama in Ljubljana Slovenia
1,7 mb
by Bostjan Burger

In July Dalai Lama was visiting Slovenia by invitation of the University of Ljubljana. The visit was organized by the Slovenian Tibet Support Group.
The panorama was made in the Tivoli Park, Ljubljana at a public talk held by His Holiness on Saturday 6 July.

View more panoramas from Slovenia by Bostjan Burger

His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Slovenia:

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