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Gare de Liège-Guillemins by Studio

The architect Santiago Calatrava is one of the hottest names in modern architecture. Born in Valencia Spain but today working from Paris with projects all over the world. Among his recent projects is The Milwaukee Art Museum which was named the number one design of 2001 by Time Magazine. The Turning Torso is another controversial building in Malmö Sweden.

The Turning Torso is still under construction like the large project in Liège for EURO LIÈGE TGV in Belgium. This new railway station is planned to be ready in 2006. The panorama shows the underground passageway of this future railway station of Liège-Guillemins.

It was made by Alain Hamblenne the manager of OUTLINE Graphic Designers a graphics design and multimedia company in Liège. Its principal interest is to present cultural, secret or inaccessible places with high quality QTVR panoramas.

Alain Hamblenne is also a visual communication professor at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur (Belgium).

A Speciality by Alain Hamblenne is 3D anaglyph effect QTVR with a visible superior depth. You need red and cyan glasses.
Musée des Sciences Naturelles de Liège
Eglise Saint-Jacques the first cubic QTVR with this effect.

Panoramic Image © Alain Hambl enne