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Inside John Riley's Mouth

Dr. John Riley is an Associate Professor of physics at the University of South Carolina Spartanburg. His present research interests include the development of multimedia physics pedagogy and archaeoastronomy.

Recently he was at his dentist and he got his teeth x-rayed using a panoramic x-ray machine.

One of Dr. Rileys interests is also the use of Quicktime VR and he got the idea of making a QTVR movie of the image.

This X-ray was made using a Soredex Cranex panoramic x-ray machine at the office of Dr. Joseph K. Lever in Spartanburg, SC, USA. This machine places an x-ray source on one side of the head and film on the other. The source and film are rotated through 360° while the film is being exposed. You can see more information on this device at SOREDEX

Quicktime VR has for many years been used in medical multimedia presentations mostly as Object VR's where you can see for example skeleton parts from all sides.

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