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Raabjerg Mile the Danish Desert

Raabjerg mile is a large mobile sand dune in the area south of Skagen in Denmark. During earlier centuries the intensive usage of the dune areas, lead to an increased sand drift in some parts of Denmark. Since the 1800 this has been controlled by large plantations in the dunes.

This large dune has been left to enable later generations to understand the sanddrift catastrophe in this areas.

The dune covers 1 x 2 km and is at its highest point approximately 35 m. It is now 5 km from the west coast and moves with a speed of 15 m a year against the east coast.

The mobile dune of Råbjerg Mile
Vandretursfolder nr. 39 Råbjerg Mile - Nordjylland
Die Wanderdüne Råbjerg Mile

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