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Niagara Cascade at Reunion Island

This is what Hervé Douris alias Romuald V says about this weeks Fullscreen:

At least 15 000 km away from the world famous Niagara Falls, and 10 000 km from Niagara site in South New Zealand, this Niagara waterfall is located in Reunion Island, 1 500 km east from east Africa.

The Sainte-Suzanne River has its sources inside a rain forest called "Plaine des Fougères" (Fern-trees plain), around 1 500 m height. Then the flood grow up and jump from cliff to cliff down to Niagara cascade in a 13 km long trip. This is the last waterfall of the river. Downstream, it quitely meanders through sugar-cane fields in the shadow of high bamboo groves before reaching the Indian Ocean.

The spot is well known by tourists visiting the island and all nature lovers. It's a great place for abseiling and the 50 meters basalt cliff is also frequented by free climbers.

Those who have followed the Fullscreens through last year may remember Hervé Douris for his aerial view of
The Volcano Piton de la Fournaise in week 48.

Since then Hervé has been working on improving his technics using the Sigma 8 mm Fisheye which during the last year has become the tool for many VR photographers including myself, to produce panoramas in situations where it was almost impossible before.

With a handheld digital SLR we can shoot quality fullscreen panoramas in situations which was not possible before. In the middle of a crowd of people or like Hervé did last Thursday when he made this weeks panorama, standing in the stream in front of the waterfall with his Nikon D1x only 25 cm from the surface.

The panorama was stitched using PTmac
PTmac is a frontend for the free plugin Panoramatools. A similar tool for Windows is PTGui

QTVR Photo © Romuald Vareuse

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