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Sydney Opera House seen from Manly Ferry
by Andrew Nemeth

The Sydney Opera House in Australia is perhaps the most famous modern building in the world. Last Sunday (April 2003) the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who designed it was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize the most prestigious award you can get as an architect.


Pritzker Architecture Prize | Washington Post article | Sydney morning herald


Jorn Utzon - Great Buildings Online Andrew Nemeth website

QTVR Photo © Andrew Nemeth

A famous architect has to be presented by a famous Photographer and Andrew Nemeth is in the VR community just as well recognized as Jørn Utzon is among the architects. As a pioneer in VR Photography he invented his own technics for stitching panoramas from full frame fisheye images just using Photoshop and the free Panorama tools plugin.

The panoramas from Sydney was created already in 1997-1998 and are featured by Adobe at their Gallery. Read about Andrew at Adobe. Just pick your language. English DE ES FR IT Chinese DK SE NO FI

At his website 4020 you can see images and Java VR from his production with Andrew´s very well written comments and at you can see a detailed description of the technics behind his panoramas.

Andrew´s VR often also contains ambient sound and so does the VR from Manly Ferry. The sound loads at last and needs Quicktime 6 but the panorama will load without sound also with Quicktime 5.