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House of the Gherasim Family, Danube Delta, Romania

The Gherasim Family are fisherman at Mila 23 a small village in the Danube Delta in Romania.

You can visit the whole house in 7 QTVR linked together with hotspots.

The first also contains a short intervue with mrs Gherashim. To read more about the family read this text by Monica Janowski.

The text is also available on the Fullscren page.

The 7 QTVR you can see here is only a part of a large educational project called Making ends Meet made for the Natural Resources Institute in collaboration with BBC where it was presented in a series of radio programmes in 2002.

The Danube Delta is a huge area with a unique ecology which during the Ceaucescu regime, until 1989 was on the way to be destroyed by experiments to make the area an economically productive area.

Today the area is strictly regulated by the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve which for the people living in the area is not only a positive thing but also causes serious problems as their main income comes from fishing.

The Danube Delta is also under protection by UNICEF as a World Heritage site

There is a lot of information for you about the area and the project at Douglas Cape´s site Making Ends Meet where you can see QTVR from the whole village of Mila 23 and visit the houses of a couple of other familys.

QTVR Photo © Douglas Cape ©

Douglas Cape is one of the veterans in QTVR, working with it from the start in 1996. He was one of the first to use audio in QTVR. He also has a diploma in Theatre Studies and works as photographer for several theatre magazines and theatre groups.

He runs the company Z360 Limited together with James Waite and Gary Knight.