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Easter Parade in Toronto Canada

by John Brownlow ©

Easter is celebrated with Parades in many areas of the world. Many of those are religious ceremonies but others are just local traditions of newer origin which often are associated with dressing up in fantasy costumes especially for the children. In Sweden children dress up as Easter Witches who walk around and knock the doors asking for candy.

The kids in the panorama from the parade in Toronto by John Brownlow are from a local school who all dressed up as cooks with aprons and giant sweets.

If you wonder about the giant building in the background it is the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant a building considered an architectural masterpiece, of the Art Deco style.

QTVR Photo © John Brownlow

John Brownlow is a photographer and

screenwriter living in Toronto but working for films produced in many countries. His screenplay SYLVIA about the poet Sylvia Plath is currently in post-production and will be released in October with Gwyneth Paltrow playing the lead role. He is currently developing a movie which he will direct next year.