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The independence Day

in the United States, fourth of July is every year celebrated all over US with fireworks, parades and private partys.

In New York the traditional Fireworks is sponsored by the worlds largest store, Macy's and it is also said to be the largest Fireworks in the world.

You usually see the images of the fireworks from the river with the Empire State Building in the background but in Jook Leung's panorama you are at the top of the building which after the tragic 11 sep, again is the highest building in New York. For security reasons, Jook was not allowed to take his tripod with him so what you see is a panorama which is made from images shot by a handheld camera above his head. A very hard task also for an experienced photographer.

4th of July at Rebild Denmark - Fullscreen from 2002 week 28

4th of July - Independence Day

Empire State Building: Official Internet Site

QTVR Photo © by Jook Leung

Jook Leung is a professional photographer with panoramic VR photography as one of his of his specialities.

He also made the Fullscreen in week 17 /2002 the Tribute in Light which later got the Fuji Masterpiece Award

His New Year 2003 Celebration at Times Square has been seen by more than 50.000