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Kröpcke / Kroepcke Hannover Germany

After the Second World War Hannover was a ruin and the centre of the City is almost completely rebuilt. The name Kröpke was the name of a waiter and later owner of a famous Café at the square.

The old green clock the "Kröpcke Uhr" was reconstructed and installed at the place in 1977. Known by all Hannoverians the Kröpcke Uhr is the place you meet in Hannover.

Making panoramas with people crossing the square from all directions is a difficult task.

If you believe this was made with some sort of oneshot panorama camera you are wrong. This is a stitched panorama from more than 12 images taken all around. To do this with as many people as in this panorama you have to develop you own technic and every VR photographer uses his own. Helmut is a master to do it as you also have seen in an earlier fullscreen the Heinkel Vintage Bubble Cars in week 17

In this panorama Helmut deliberately made 2 people appear twice. Just turn around and look for them.

QTVR Photo © by Helmut Kölbach ©