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Week 31 2003


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Bienvenus à la Semaine Française chez panoramas.dk
A la premère page de panoramas.dk vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations de panoramiques réalité virtuelle Quicktime VR.

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Bon voyage virtuel

This week is not one fullscreen QTVR but a series of VR with "French Connection"
This page will be updated with more VR through the week. Click on 31 in the menu to return to this page

4 Panoramas from the Luberon area in Provence by Antonio Moya

Market in Apt - Colorado at Rustrel - Lavendel fields at Castellet - Valley of Apt from the rock of Saignon

Fullscreen Cubic QTVR by Hervé Douris

Réunion Islands is a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean east of Africa. It has been under French government since 1649 except for a short British occupation 1810-1814. On this Island people of Arab, Chinese, French and Indian (Muslim and Hindu) cultures are mixed.

At the beginning of the 19th century cane sugar was introduced. One of the large sugar farms belonged to the Desbassyn family. The chapel was built on the farm in 1841 but was nearly destroyed by a tropical storm in 1932. It was rebuilt one year later. During the last 2 years it has been reconstructed into it's original shape. Read more about it at the page by Hervé Douris.

The new issue of VRMAG is out with several "French" VR articles like the French Riviera page below, the Picasso Museum in Antibes, an article about the Perfume from Grasse, The Tomb of Dom Perignon, and Golfing at the French Riviera.

VRWAY has created a special page with 16 Full Screen panoramas from the Riviera. Enjoy

Tour de France at Col de Menté, in the Pyrénées. by Gilles Vidal in Toulouse

Click for Mardi Gras Fullscreen QTVR by Ray Broussard www.PhotographicVR.com

The music is Wild Tchoupitoulas by Los Hombres Calientes - Volume 4, Voodoo Dance
used with permission from Basin Street Records

We start in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The Mardi Gras festival is celebrated in February and guests are coming from all the world. Already 6 months before most hotels are full booked so if you want to visit the next Mardi Gras, February 24 in 2004 it is time to make your arrangements.

The Mardi Gras is famous for it's fantastic costumes and large parades but these parades never passes the French Quarters. The French Quarters is the area where you go after the large parades to have a drink or just stroll down the street and look at people showing their costumes (or the complete lack of them) The habit of woman flashing their breast is not a real Mardi Gras tradition but it has become a part of the festival especially in Bourbon Street.

Ray Broussard, is a commercial photographer and multimedia programmer, who has been obsessed with photographicVR since 1993 and has been producing QTVR projects since 1995. His Web site includes a library of his panoramas a New Orleans Tour and a linked map of the French Quarter and Central Business District.


French VR from the Fullscreen Archive:

14 Chateau de Salm, France

24 Sacré Coeur Paris

24b Place du Tertre

32 Eiffel Tower

27 Chapelle Cocteau last work of Jean Cocteau

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