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Matterhorn - Zermatt Switzerland

Matterhorn 4478 m high, is not the highest mountain in Switzerland but it is probably the most famous and most popular among climbers. On days with good weather from July to Sept. more than 200 climbers each day try to reach the summit. The most popular route for Mountaineering is the Hörnli Ridge which you see in the panorama.

On July 15 a rockslide occurred and a large part of the ridge fell down along the side of the mountain. Nobody was injured but 70 climbers who where on the mountain had to be rescued.

The rockslide occurred because of the high temperatures this summer. The access to the mountain was closed for a week.

The panorama was made one week later on July 19 when the mountain was reopened. It is made at 3280 meters of altitude right above the "Hörnli hut" . You can see the place of the rockslide as a reddish part of the ridge.

The first ascent of Matterhorn took place on July 14, 1865 by the British Edward Whymper, Lord Francis Douglas, Reverend Charles Hudson, Robert Hadow, Michel Croz and the two guides of Zermatt Peter Taugwalder father and son. On the descent there was an accident where 4 of the 7 crew members died. Only Whymper and the two Taugwalders survived.

Matthias Taugwalder who made this beautiful panorama is the descendant from the two guides. Peter Taugwalder was his great great great grandfather. Matthias Taugwalder runs the website Holidaynet with tourist information from the area of Zermatt.

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