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The Jelling Runic Stones and burial Mounds,

a UNESCO World Heritage site in Denmark.

The small village Jelling in the middle of Jutland was once the home of the first king of Denmark Gorm the Old. It is claimed that he became the Danish king in 899.

All the dynasties who have reigned Denmark descend from him in straight line. Including our present Queen Margrethe II

Gorm raised the small runic stone in memorial of his wife Thyre.

The inscription says: Gorm made this monument in memory of Thyre his wife on the back is for the first time the name Denmark mentioned.

The large stone was raised by Harald Bluetooth the son of Gorm.

He is known as the king who introduced christianity in Denmark.

The inscription says:

Harald king executes these sepulchral monuments after Gorm, his father and Thyra, his mother. The Harald who won the whole of Denmark and Norway and turned the Danes to Christianity.

The story about this place, the Mounds, the Stones and the Church can not be told in a few words.

Read more about it at History of Jelling and at the museum

Kongernes Jelling
And if you visit Denmark remember to visit the place and the nearby Museum .


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