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Festival in Aarhus Denmark - Ship Ahoy

This weekend Aarhus was visited by more than 50 wooden ships, Tall Ships and Marine ships of many nationalities.

The festival is held at the same time as the start of the Aarhus Festival which is the largest multicultural festival in Scandinavia.

After a bad start on Friday with heavy rain, Saturday became a large succes with lots of visitors and also large cues to some of the ships.

The ships in the panorama are from left:

The Endeavour a replica of the famous ship with which James Cook discovered Australia.
In the background you can see the polish Full-rigged Ship, Dar Mlodziezy, and to the right the Russian frigate Shtandart a true copy of the original built by Zar Peter the Great in 1704.

Several ships from the Danish Marine also participated, the one you see in the Panorama is the corvette Peter Tordenskiold


Aarhus Festival

Ship Ahoy


Panoramic Image © Hans Nyberg