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Week 37 2003

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The murder of the Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh has left Sweden in chock.
Jonas Carlson from
VirtualSweden.se has made a panorama from the place of the murder at the store NK in Stockholm. It was made shortly after the message of her death. Read at CNN

9/11 2003

The Tribute in Light was shown for one night 9/11 2003
Jook Leung was there and made a new Fullscreen.

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The Tribute in Light 2002

by Jook Leung
Read the interview with Jook at VRMAG

The 11th september 2001 will stay in my memory forever like it will for millions of people all around the world. To honor the citizens who lost their lifes in the World Trade Center attacks, a 6 month anniversary was held with a "Tribute in Light" memorial from March 11th to April 13th. 2002. From dusk until 11 p.m. each night two beams of light rose into the sky from a site near Ground Zero.
Jook Leung is a former New York photographer now with a studio in New Jersey. He made this very impressive QuickTime Cubic VR panorama of the event on its last day.

The Pentagon Memorial - Chapel

by Ted Chavalas - Panoscan.com

At Pentagon 125 people within the building died in the terrorist attack. 59 passengers and crewmembers on the United States, American Airlines Flight 77 died when it crashed into the Pentagon.

This Memorial inside the Pentagon can be seen at the guided tour if you visit Pentagon. It is available to you by the help of Panoscan, producer of Digital Scanning Cameras for panoramas.

The Virtual Tour has 4 panoramas. Follow the hotspots in the movies.

Candle light Memorial by Jook Leung


By Jim Galvin

The World Financial Center Jan 2003

This page by Jook Leung shows the restored Winter Garden the Exhibit for the New WTC and a view of the area as of Jan 2003