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Sydney Australia Square
or "Where is Mary Donaldson"

Wednesday (october 2003) the Danish Royal family announced that Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is going to marry the Australian Mary Donaldson.

Mary could very well be one of the girls you see in this magnificent Cubic panorama from Sydney by Andrew Nemeth.

Not long ago she was a real estate agent working right here in the centre of Sydney. Mary who is actually from Hobart in Tasmania met the Crown Prince at a bar called Slip In not far from this place, during the Olympics in 2000.

Royal Links:
The official Royal Website
Herald Sun: It's official: Prince Fred and our Mary 25 sep 03

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Cubic QTVR by Andrew Nemeth

Andrew Nemeth is one of the veterans and superstars in the VR industry, known by everyone (at least I hope so) who is making VR professionally or as an amateur. He made VR within crowds of people long before all we others even knew how to stitch a Spheric / Cubic panorama. The Fullscreen from Manly Ferry in week 16 was made already in 1998.

At his website also make sure to follow the links on the Showcase page to the Wollongong University virtual tour. The QTVR are in full stereo sound a speciallity from Andrew.