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NOVA Krizna Jama Carst Cave in Slovenia

Have you read Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth
His description of the fantastic scenery that Professor Hardwigg, Henry and Hans saw has stayed in my mind for 50 years.

That was fantasy, but this weeks panorama is for real.

Jules Verne was the first I thought about when i first saw the panoramas from the new Krizna Jama Cave in Slovenia. This part of the cave was first entered by man only 10 years ago and it is not open for public. Thanks to Bostjan Burger you are now able to see the fantastic sceneries almost as if you where inside.

This is a very exclusive visit. The New (NOVA) Krizna Jama Cave has only been entered by less than 30 people including Bostjan Burger and his assistants.

Bostjan Burger who has more than 2.000 panoramas online at his site, has been working on the Cave Project for several years. This last cave has been a very hard work to do as the entrance to the cave is through a tunnel only 30-40 cm in circumference. The tunnel leads down to the cave 50 metres below. All equipment; halogen lights, tripods, plastic boats etc. had to be taken down that way. Because of this conditions only a couple of panoramas could be made at each entry to the cave. is created by Hans Nyberg.
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