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Sony Tropfest Sydney Australia
by Peter Murphy

2 years ago I started the fullscreen feature by inviting one of my favourite VR photographers. Peter Murphy from Sydney Australia. See week 11/2002 the Matthew Flinders Circumnavigation

What could better celebrate this anniversary than Peter's panorama from the worlds largest short film festival, the Tropfest a couple of weeks ago. 100.000 people was gathered to view the best short films from Australia is a collaborative effort between Hans Nyberg of,
and Marco Trezzini of, the Virtual Reality photography and travel magazine hosted by VRWAY Communication.
QTVR Photo © 2004
Peter Murphy

This panorama is what we call a pole panorama. It is one of Peter's favourite ways of making cubic panoramas.

By shooting from a pole 3 -6 meter above the ground you get a surprising and breathtaking view.

Actually, Peter also celebrates an anniversary this week.

March 10 last year he started his Panoramic VR weblog with panoramas from events in the Sydney area.

If you have not been there it's time you pay a visit.

Also read the article about Peter at VRMAG