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Québec's largest city Montréal with a Population of 3,400,000 has a lot of attractions for tourists who travel to this french speaking city in Canada.

More than 500,000 visitors came to the 5th edition of the Montreal Highlights Festival with plenty of indoor and free outdoors activities for lovers of Arts or fine dining, and of course, for families who descended on the site to enjoy the activities that were planned specially for kids and their parents.

This Montreal’s youngest of festivals is now one of the focal point of Montreal winter.

Don’t forget : you are invited to the festival’s 6th edition from February 17 to 27, 2005.

Festival MONTRÈAL EN LUMIÈRE - MONTREAL HIGHLIGHTS FESTIVAL is a collaborative effort between Hans Nyberg of,
and Marco Trezzini of, the Virtual Reality photography and travel magazine hosted by VRWAY Communication.
QTVR Photo © 2004 Yann Leroy


Yann Leroy is a photographer and 3D artist in Montreal Canada.