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Trafalgar Square Anti War -
March 20 2004

On Saturday March 20, VR Photographers all over the world celebrated the Spring Equinox by creating VR panoramas. This panoramas can be viewed at the WWP website which will be presented in a couple of days. Look for the link at the frontpage of right after Easter.

Many of the photographers made several panoramas and one of them was Douglas Cape from London who's panoramas I have presented for you several times. Look for week 9 and 19 2003.

March 20 several peace demonstations was held all over the world. At Trafalgar Square 25.000 people was gathered as estimated by the police. The organisers claimed 100,000. is a collaborative effort between Hans Nyberg of,
and Marco Trezzini of, the Virtual Reality photography and travel magazine hosted by VRWAY Communication.
Panoramic Image © Douglas Cape
website: z360

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