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Week 24 2004
HMS Belfast
QTVR © 2004
Philip Giles
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D-Day HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is a cruiser set to sea in March 1938 and during the Second World War, it played a leading part in the destruction of the German cruiser Scharnhorst at the Battle of North Cape and at the landing in Normandy.

On D-Day HMS Belfast was Responsible for supporting the British and Canadian landings on the 'Gold' and 'Juno' beaches and, it was one of the first ships to open fire on German positions.

During the next five weeks she was almost continuously , firing thousands of projectiles from her main 6-inch and secondary 4-inch batteries to support the Allied troops ashore.

Today HMS Belfast is a part of the Imperial War Museum and is anchored right in the centre of London between the Tower and London Bridge.

LINK: HMS Belfast


QTVR Photo © 2004 Philip Giles