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Apollo 17 The last mission.

Listen to Jack on the Apollo's place in history.

The Saturn V carrying Apollo 17 was launched from NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center at 05:33:00 UT on December 7, 1972 (11:33:00 p.m. CST on December 6, 1972).

The Apollo 17 mission had a duration of 12.6 days, and a time on the lunar surface of 75 hr

The crew at the moon:
Eugene A. Cernan Commander
Ronald E. Evans Command Module Pilot
Harrison H. Schmitt Lunar Module Pilot

Gene Cernan has written a book about his Moon landing.
Read more at his website
Gene Cernan website


NASA / Panorama by Hans Nyberg

Images are credit NASA - photos by Gene Gernan
Panorama was stitched and converted to QTVR by Hans Nyberg

The images for this panorama are new scans from the original film taken by the astronauts in 1972.

They were scanned by Kipp Teague for the Apollo Image Gallery

The camera used for this panorama was a special version of the Hasselblad 500.
It had a grid right in front of the film which gives you the hair crosses you can see in the panorama.

Several other Hasselblad cameras was also used.Also read the page at Hasselblad.se

The images where made handheld and they are definetily not made with the lens at the nodalpoint which makes them very difficult to stitch.

However I find it is interresting that they even thought of making images for 360 degree panoramas.

Actually I am not sure they did but perhaps they were just intended to be stitched together in 2-3 images.

The methods of stitching single images together for full 360 degreee panoramas was not at all known in 1969.

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