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The Sulha Way

In Israel right now people gather in a peace project - The Sulha Way - which is held for the 4th year.

Today Thursday Aug 19 is the last of 3 days for the meeting.
The panorama was made this morning during the ceremony wishing good bye to the Jordanians and Palestinians from the west bank

Andy Alpern who made this panorama is also in charge of a streaming internet WEB cast which you can view from this site:

The Sulha Way is creating a rapidly growing grassroots movement and attracting a broad cross-section of society including: Muslims, Christians, Jews, Druze, Bedouin, academics, peacemakers, spiritual activists, children, artists, professionals, elders, clergy, educators, secular and religious. Anyone who feels the need to take responsibility to facilitate the healing of the Children of Abraham in the Holyland is welcome

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