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The Burning Man Festival 2004 was held a week ago in the Nevada desert.

This very special event which started with 8 people on a San Francisco beach in 1986, has grown to a gigantic art festival where hundreds of artists come and build art installations, sculptures, art cars, and make performances.

The burning of a wooden man has evolved into also burning a gigantic wooden construction called the Temple of Stars on the last night.

Greg Downing writes:

  • I got a good shot of the "Temple of Stars" right as they were opening it this year.
    You can see David Best, the artist who designed the temple on the top level walking out to announce that the temple is open.
    It was a really great installation, the design was quite a bit different from previous years and was a quarter mile wide.

More than 35.000 attended the burning of the man on Sunday Sept 6

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