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Sept 21 is the International Day of Peace.

The United Nations General assembly decided on Sept 7 2001 that the 21st of September should be an international day of peace. The day was celebrated for the first time in 2002.

One would believe that this day would be on the front page of all international media today. However the truth is that if you do not know about it, it is very difficult to find anything at all.

CNN, not a word, New York Times, not a word,
my own Danish newspaper, not one word.

If I had not seen the incredible movie about how this day was created last night I would not have known anything about it.

Who created this day, the UN?

Yes they adopted it, but the man behind it is ONE man, a British actor and film maker Jeremy Gilley. The story about how his vision of a Day of Peace around the world was accepted by the UN General Assembly is a fantastic story of how he travelled around the word starting in 1998, visiting people of influence including the Dalai Lama and Shimon Perez until he finally got it accepted by the United Nations.

In an interview at BBC a week ago Jeremy Gilley says about the lack of media interest.

  • I was watching the news last night and seeing the aftermath of the killings in Russia, what's happening in Iraq, and the situation in Sudan. Each night we go home and watch 20 minutes of horror. I sat there and still had Nick's question in my mind. I wondered if the reason why they show us these things is so we can feel alright, we can feel lucky as we watch everybody else's suffering. Is it to make us think that our country is better than everyone else's? I can't get my head round why they show us bad news all the time.

The QTVR from the UN General Assembly is made by another man of visions. Tito Dupret who has made it his vision to document all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, visit his site World Heritage Tour.

Peace one Day Jeremy Gilley's official site

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