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The Moscow Metro is famous for it's achitecture and attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world.

The decorations with natural stone like marble all over the walls and floors has given the Metro the name "Underground Palace" The mosaics and sculptures are made by famous russian artists like the 33 mosaics by Alexander Deineka which are seen in the Mayakovskaya station (top right)

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Moscow's Metro


Photo © Bee Flowers

The Metro Project
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Bee Flowers is a Dutch photographer living in Russia.

The METRO project is actually not his normal style but it started out when he found out that no books or photographic documentation existed about the METRO.

The result was he decided to do it himself

The panoramas are made handheld with a NIKON Coolpix + fisheye lens as a tripod is not alowed in the Metro.

More than 500 images and 28 panoramas was made in the Metro stations.

To view Bee's other work (which I highly recommend you) visit his website

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