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The WorldWide Panorama event is taking place at the solstices, starting in March 2004. More than 200 photographers contributes to the gallery which now has more than 1400 panoramas online from more than 500 photograpers. Each time there is a theme and the last is Energy.

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Rock Climbing in Spain
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Ignacio Ferrando from Spain had no problem illustrating the theme Energy.

He is himself doing alpinism, back-country ski, hiking, cycle, MTB, paraglide, besides being an energetic VR Photographer who has been doing it since the start of VR Photography in 1995.

The biking panorama below was his contribution to the WWP and like the Climbing panorama above it is one of these panoramas which gives people "grey hairs" trying to find out how they were made.
The climber in the pano above is Chiro Sanchez. The biker is Ignacio himself.

I am not going to tell you and spoil your "brainstorming" however just a warning from Ignacio:

DON'T TRY TO DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT A CLIMBER!!!!  as someone said Newton laws are radical and falling more that 5m to the floor can be painful for you or your gear...

Technical data: Nikon D2x and the Sigma 8mm fisheye, stitched with PTMac and Photoshop. With the help of climber Chiro Sanchez
Ignacio Ferrando Abaco Digital

has 10 years of experience in VR Photography.
As long as Quicktime VR has existed.

His professional work includes VR for architecture, and tourism in Spain.
Take a look at his Gallery
For example:
Palacio de congresos. Madrid.
Zona Azca. Madrid

Tribute in Light New York

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All over the world VR photographers both professional and amateurs has expressed their view on the theme Energy.

Wind Turbines is of course one of the most popular. Most of them showing landscapes with Wind Turbines but Joachim Nickel in Brandenburg, Germany is showing us the view from the top.

Jeffrey Martin in the Czech Republic managed to get permission to do the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant.

Jürgen Matern shows us the Historic Hammer Mill (Outside) inm Bad Hindelang, Germany and his brother Markus has done the inside.

Keiji Yokotani in Tokyo shows how Japanese use solar energy for a garden Solar Cooker.

In Taiwan Walker Young has visited the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

For Don Hofstee in Netherlands music is the big energy-generator.

Milko Amorth has like myself done all 7 WWP events and he has made his own interpretion of a hurricane somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico while Edward S. Fink who is specializing in Aerial Panoramas happened to be on assignment for Washington Post to do aerials from the Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

Jook Leung as always creative, is Painting with Light in Times Square.

Many photographers has pointed the camera to the energy from childs, their own or others. I especially like Laura Pearson's version from Inside the Bounce House in Colorado, USA

Do not forget to view the panos in FULLSCREEN. Most of them are available. It gives you a much better experience.

Have a nice time and if you have not seen the other events they are all available from The World Wide Panorama

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