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Rock Climbing in Spain

El Delfin in Rodellar- Guara Natural Park (Huesca)  near of the Pyrenees
The climber is Chiro Sanchez

Ignacio Ferrando from Zarazoga Spain is a VR photographer who has been doing interactive panoramas since the first introduction of QTVR in 1995.

He is also a sporty guy doing alpinism, back-country ski, hiking, cycle, MTB, paraglide, which has resulted in several panoramas from that area, which are also featured at

The Climbing panorama above it is one of these panoramas which gives people "grey hairs" trying to find out how they were made.

I am not going to tell you and spoil your "brainstorming" however just a warning from Ignacio:

DON'T TRY TO DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT A CLIMBER!!!!  as someone said Newton laws are radical and falling more that 5m to the floor can be painful for you or your gear...

Technical data: Nikon D2x and the Sigma 8mm fisheye, stitched with PTMac and Photoshop. is created by Hans Nyberg.
The featured fullscreen panoramas are all copyright the individual photographers.