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Callanish Standing Stones, Megalithic stone circle and rows on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

The Callanish Stones is called the Stonehenge of the north

Situated on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides this megalithic site is far away from areas were tourists usually come.

Robin Wilson has beautifully captured the atmosphere of this place which is dated to about 1800 BC.

The myths and theories about the place are many. From an astronomical observatory, to being used to act as giant loudspeakers to amplify drums played during rituals.

Gerald Ponting a writer and researcher who has done a lot of work about the site says
"There is a magic about the site and the way in which the stones relate to the surrounding croftland and moorland, to the waters of East Loch Roag and to the open Hebridean skies."

On his site you find a description of the area.

The site has also inpired another artist, the composer and guitarist Jon Mark who was brought up in the area.
Jon Mark was in the 60s a session guitarist for The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and several other bands but his own music produced in the last centuries is of the New Age type

One of his CDs is called Callanish after the Callanish Stones.

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