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Eyes Wide Open
- the US Casualty in Iraq

Eyes Wide Open
is a memorial exhibition sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee. The boots symbolize the Americans who have died in Iraq.

The number increases as the exhibition travels around US.

There were 1,372 pairs of boots in the memorial during its stay in Greensboro, N.C., January 23-25, 2005 where Tom Lassiter made the panorama.

Today Wednesday 26, 37 more US soldiers were killed which makes it the deadliest day for the American forces since the start of the war in Iraq.

The organisation behind Eyes Wide Open, the American Friends Service Committee, is not just a new peace organisation because of the War in Iraq. It was founded in 1917.

From their website:

For almost 90 years of work in war zones on four continents, we have gained an intimate knowledge of the costs and horrors of war.

When this exhibit was unveiled by our Chicago office in January 2004, there were 504 pairs of boots symbolizing the lost lives of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. With each passing week, each stop in a new city, more pairs of boots are added to represent the newly fallen.

Eyes Wide Open
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