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February- Marts is Carnival time. Welcome to a collection of

INTERACTIVE FULLSCREEN 360 DEGREE QTVR PANORAMAS FROM THE LARGEST CARNIVALS Click on images to view them - Turn on your Sound is hosted by: VRWAY

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Carnival in Rio 3 VR Photo by AYRTON

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro ended wednesday mar 1. This years carnival was according to the local authorities visited by almost 700,000 people using half-a-billion dollars

The first 2 panoramas are from the samba school parade Sunday at the Sambodrome.

view fullscreen QTVR: Carnival in Rio 1

view fullscreen QTVR: Carnival in Rio 2

The last panorama is a Sambagroupe called Bloco Cordao do Boitatá playing for the crowd at Place XV in downtown Rio de Janeiro
view fullscreen QTVR: Carnival in Rio 3

Carnival in Sao Paulo 2 VR photo by Dudu Tresca

VR 1: Escola de Samba Império da Casa Verde- Sambódromo de São Paulo

VR 2: Escola de Samba Vai-Vai - Sambódromo de São Paulo

The school of sambas parade was this year won by Escola de Samba Império da Casa Verde with Escola de Samba Vai-Vai as number 2.

There was 15 schools participating in the carnival, each of them with 3000-4000 people in the parade.

view fullscreen QTVR: Carnival in Sao Paulo 1

view fullscreen QTVR: Carnival in Sao Paulo 2

View more at Dudu's site

Carnival of Binche VR Photo Mickael Therer 360days

The carnival of Binche is one of the largest and oldest in Europe.

It is dated back to the fourteenth century.

The men in the colorfull costumes are the "Gilles" who walks and dances through the streets to drive away winter and welcome the spring.

The Gilles and the costumes are said to originate from 1549 when a celebration was held by Mary of Hungary for Charles V to celebrate the conquest of Peru by Spanish conquistadores

Read more about the Binche Carnival 

view fullscreen QTVR: Carnival de Binche
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

VR Photo Peter Murphy

The Sydney Gay Parade was held for the first time in 1978 starting as a protest march. From the beginning it was not held in the usual carnival time but during the recent years it has been held during the carnival season and has become one of the largests Gay festivals in the world.

Wikipedia Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

view fullscreen QTVR: Sydney Gay Parade

Busójárás Carnival in Mohács Hungary
2 VR Photo by Tamas D.Varga

The Busójárás festival in southern Hungary begins the Friday before Ash Wednesday. Like many other carnival the origin is associated with the arrival of spring, but the story about the costumes which main component is a wooden mask and a large sheepskin jacket is another.

The legend says that after the Hungarian army had been defeated by the Turks the people of Mohacs attacked the Turks dressed in this costumes. The Turks fled as they thought they were attacked by devils.

The carnival ends on Tuesday when a coffin containing a Busó costume is dragged through the village and burned at the main square symbolizing the "burning" of winter and welcoming the spring.

Read more here Busójárás Carnival

view fullscreen QTVR: Busójárás Mohács 1

view fullscreen QTVR: Busójárás Mohács 2

Rosa Sitzung in Cologne - Köln

VR Photo by Torsten Hemke

The Gay carnival in Cologne Germany is not very known outside Germany.

Rosa Sitzung translates Pink sessions. It started in 1996 and is was this year held again after 1 years pause.

It is actually a 1 night performance with different artists, many of them has nothing at all with the Gay community to do.

The girls in this panorama are the Cheerleaders of the FC Køln football team

Rosa Sitzung website

view fullscreen QTVR: Rosa Sitzung Cologne