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How this was done:

Hi, you might ask yourself "how did he do that...?" Well, I just put my tripod out of the window and did a lot of photoshopping afterwards.

I took one photo from the right side of the window, and one from the left side. When I put them together I was erased. Than I took a photo of myself sitting in my room with the fisheye. Not outside of the window, but normal. I 'shopped that one in the window pictures.

I think it was a clear day, so I made some clouds and some lightning. I am sorry to dissapoint you all. It is a fake.

The only real hard thing to do was not to drop my brand new camera out of the window.

VR Photo Don Hofstee

Technical data;

Nikon D70 with the Sigma 8mm fisheye lens. Manfrotto tripod with a 360 manfrotto head. Afterwards I used PTMac and a lot of Photoshop. is created by Hans Nyberg.
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