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Patrouille des Glaciers 2006 - Alpine Race

Ski Mountaineering Racing is said to be one of the hardest sports in the world and the Swiss Patrouille des Glaciers is perhaps the hardest of them all.

The race which is organized by the Swiss army was held this year from April 27-30.

On foot and ski the runners run from Zermatt to Verbier a distance of 53 km with a difference in altitude of more than 7.000 meters.

From the start in Zermatt at 1620 m they climb to the highest point at Tête Blanche 3724 m and further down and up again before they reach Verbier.

The Patrouilles des Glaciers was held the first time in 1943 but because of and accident in 1949 stopped until 1984.

3474 participants from 16 countries participated this year.

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VR Photo:
Matthias Taugwalder

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