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Winter in Europe, from St Petersburg to Milano
During the last month large areas of Europe has experienced temperatures below -20C and snow has fallen as south as Milan.

Enjoy these beautiful virtual panoramas.
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view fullscreen QTVR: Winter in Moscow

VR Photo Andrey Ilyin
view fullscreen QTVR: Pischa Davos

Pischa Davos is a winter paradise for cildren and adaults.

VR Photo Peter Nyfeler
view fullscreen QTVR: Gornergrat Zermatt Switzerland

Since the first cogwheel railway was built in the year 1898 the 3089m (10135ft) high Gornergrat is a popular place of excursions. Here is also the Kulmhotel Gornergrat located, the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps.

From the viewing platform are all 29 mountains over 4000 meters (13123ft) around Zermatt visible, among them are famous peaks as the Matterhorn (4478 m, 14692ft), Liskamm (4527m, 14852ft) or the Dufourspitze (4634 m). Beneath you can see the mighty Gorner glacier which is with a length of 14km and a width of 1 to 1.5km the third-longest glacier of the Alps.

VR Photo Matthias Taugwalder Zermatt 360

Visit Zermatt 360 for some amazing panoramas from the Matterhorn and the areas around Zermatt.

view fullscreen QTVR: Berlin the Spree is Frozen

The temperature in Berlin was minus 17.8C on January 23 the lowest for the date in 64 years.

The Spree River that flows through the city was frozen solid

VR Photo Robert Scholz
view fullscreen QTVR: St. Petersburg at the river NEVA VR Photo Jacek Gancarson

Jacek Gancarson is a Vr photographer with base in Stockholm but travels frequently to Poland and St Petersburg

view fullscreen QTVR: Rural Architecture Museum Olsztynek - Poland

One of Poland's biggest skansens was arranged in Olsztynek in 1938. It was started with copies of farm timber houses brought from Köningsberg.

Today the scenic open-air ethnographic park features several dozen original and reconstructed houses from Warmia, Masuria and even Lithuania. Visitors can admire half-timbered houses, granaries, wind-mills, farm outbuildings, a country-inn, and a church. All fully equipped and with animals which makes the whole experience very realistic.

VR Photo Krzysztof Sklodowski - Panoramy Wirtualne

For another winterpanorama from Poland visit the new issue of VRMag

Tribute in Light New York
view fullscreen QTVR: Piazza Scala Milan in Snow

In the background you see Teatro alla Scala, the most famous opera house in the world, La Scala was built 1776 and 1778. by Giuseppe Piermarini. In the front is a monument to Leonardo da Vinci.

VR Photo Toni Garbasso

Toni Garbasso VR Photographer from Rome is also featured at VRMag issue 24 with a virtual tour from the 51st Venice Biennale, a very interresting installation by Italian artist Enrico Tommaso De Paris.

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