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How to navigate the Quicktime VR movie
System requirements:

MAC or Windows computer with minimum 300 mhz.

Download Quicktime installer for Windows and Mac.

LINUX use the crossover plugin

Min. 80-128 mb RAM depending on the movie and the system used.

Fullscreen panoramas adapts automatically to your screens resolution. You can use any resolution from 800x600 to 1600x1200 or even larger if you have a new fast computer.

For a standard 17" monitor I recommend 1024x768

IMPORTANT: Check your colour settings. If you use 16 bit colour change to 32 or 24 bit.
Windows unfortunately installs with 16 bit as default. This will cause ugly banding in some movies.

Browsers: Most browsers work for fullscreen QTVR.

However Firefox, Netscape and Mozilla on MAC has a bug with QuickTime and are not useable. Use Safari or Explorer

Move your cursor inside the window, hold your mouse button down and drag the panorama in any direction.

Some Cylindric panoramas are only possible to drag in horizontal direction.

The Cubic panoramas can also be viewed all the way up and down.

You can Zoom in by using SHIFT and out with CTRL.

The panorama downloads in tiles which can be of different sizes. Sometimes you see a blurry preview first and sometimes just a black grid
You can start viewing and panning it as soon as you see the first parts.

If you arrived directly to a fullscreen panorama you do not see it correctly. Use the fullscreen option in your browser to remove as many menu bars as possible. Best result in Windows Explorer is to press F11 on your keyboard. From the frontpage and the indexes the links open the pages in a fullscreen window. NOTE that when you use this on Windows you can not use the F11 option.

You can use the the Right click / Open in a new window option to open in a standard browser window.

Google ads

Google does not allow you to make the links from the ads open in a new window. If you click the ads on the fullscreen pages while downloading the movie the download is interupted. Safari on Mac is unfortunatelly not caching files larger than 1 mb which means that even if you have downloaded the whole file you have to do it again when you leave the page and return to it again.

When clicking ads on the fullscreen there is an easy way to avoid this. Just use the CTRL / Open in a new window command on Mac and Right click / Open in a new window command on PC.

QuickTime VR is a part of QuickTime developed by Apple and available for both Mac and Windows